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Fiftieth Street Studios Animation
Fiftieth Street Studios
Animated Sequences and Transition Graphics


CGI Graphics with Advanced Protocols
Fiftieth Street
specializes in advanced animation, illustration, cartoon production and CGI special effects.
  Fiftieth Street Cartoon Production
Cartoons and shaded animations. Funny characters & creative scenes.
  Accident Scene Reconstruction
Animate an accident's chronology. Illustrate your exhibits for courtroom testimony. Maximize your visual impact.

Animated Sequences and Demonstration
Using specialized procedures with state-of-the-art design suites, Fiftieth Street makes it happen.
  Interactive Media and e-Learning Solutions
Medical procedures, training aides and SCORM-based learning modules can help establish your intended message.
  Visualize a Concept
Convey your ideas. Sell your concept.

Fiftieth Street Studios: PR Web and Print

Polygon Magic
3D designs, tailor made, from a clean slate.
  Character Modeling
Character concepting & modeling - video games & motion pictures.
  All Content Set for Translation
Localize your content. Globalize your audience.

Fiftieth Street Studios: BUGGY BASTARDS II

Fiftieth Street Studios: Environment Design-Visualization

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