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Fiftieth Street was formed in 2009 as an advanced media production house. Our team carries over 25 years combined professional experience developing the most technically-advanced media available for top companies throughout the midwest and beyond.

Computer generated imagery (CGI) animation is a specialty of ours, but that's only the beginning. Create collateral that will help you sell, train or entertain. Renditions, photoreal or tooned, of anything you can imagine - in an animation, short sequence, or still. From napkin sketch to finished product, Fiftieth Street will deliver your content as a simple download or within a more comprehensive delivery mechanism, such as HTML (your website), Flash, GIF, Training Module, Quicktime Movie, etc.

Web-based learning modules (SCORM) can be developed specifically for sales and installation professionals regarding certain processes or products. XML-related solutions, including localization (translation) of your content, can be integrated to help globalize your message. Ask us how.

Our experts will help build your designs from the 3D/CAD level on up. Or, we’ll facilitate what you currently have on file and leverage your designs. Our professionals are also available for computer application training and consultation. There is much to consider. Visit Fiftieth Street before you decide your path.



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